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Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Are You Hungry For?

Hunger is a powerful motivator. That empty feeling in our belly can soon become all-pervasive, even painful, if too many hours go by without food. Starving people will resort to violence and even cannibalism if they're hungry enough. The Catholic Church long ago sanctioned cannibalism as a last resort to preserve one's life, as long as the person consumed died naturally. Life is a thing of great value to be preserved at great cost, if necessary.

When we finally receive good food and drink, a thrilling tingle of pleasure radiates to our very fingertips, and we laugh with pleasure. Such memories last for a lifetime. The agent who gives us this nourishment will earn our love. This is a two-edged sword, to be sure.

There are many kinds of hunger other than for physical food. We hunger for love, sex, family, companionship, power, wealth, and sometimes even more unsavory things. So it's clear there's a hierarchy of hungers and desires. Some of us hunger for peace, knowledge of God, the power to heal others, and to build great things for future generations. These are intangible things that satisfy the spirit. Our greatest leaders throughout history, men and women, displayed such hungers and desires.

We are defined by our hungers and desires. They show what we're really made of. We will struggle and fight to fill our emptiness. It's an irresistible imperative. But what if we are given cotton candy and coke, or drugs to satisfy our hunger? Can we be trained to accept those things over time in place of real nourishment? Might we forget about good food even as we're dying of malnutrition?

This is happening now all over the world. Hungry people are being given deadly substitutes instead of real nourishment; radical Islam in place of real religion, communism and socialism instead of individual liberty and free-market societies. Many people accept these substitutes and forget history, knowledge, and wisdom. Billions of people right now are watching 'reality' TV shows of people screaming at each other rather than programs about science and technology, where our real future is being shaped.

If you enjoy reading about crime and the legal system, particularly present-day cops and criminals, you know there are very shocking and terrifying hungers and desires human beings harbor and will act upon. It's still a mystery why this is and where they come from. Is it a genetic predisposition or a conscious decision that people make and then hold onto? Either way, people who murder, steal, or abuse others for pleasure must be kept far away from the vast majority of us who do not. Civilization is as fragile as an eggshell, and can be instantly swept aside by deluded and impassioned mobs.

Our Western Tradition of equality before the law and presumption of innocence until proven guilty is strained to the breaking point by assaults from the spiritually starving. The global popular media fueled by the depraved spirit of our age is running full speed to slander, defile, and destroy our ancient standards of decency, self-respect, and love for our neighbors. The malnourished mobs are insatiably hungry for mayhem, destruction, and murder. They've been fooled into thinking their misery is caused by others, and will only end when they take away from others.

Are there leaders alive today who see this and who will take action to change the direction of history? I think so. Can they do it alone? No. Will we help them? Are there enough of us?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

We're Out of Time and Out of Solutions

None of our traditional solutions work anymore. Horrific tyrannies are mushrooming and wreaking mayhem and mass death; there's a global stagnation of economic growth that guarantees high rates of joblessness and static wages; the entrepreneurial spirit is choking from over-regulation; and all previous ideals of heroism and excellence in war or nation building are seen as passe'.

America is an example of this trend. A highly regarded polling organization reports a majority of voters do not feel that high-profile presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is “honest and trustworthy.” By a margin of 52% to 39% they think she's a serial liar, and can't be trusted to tell the truth. But they say they will vote for her anyway. Americans of any past age would have rejected such a candidate quickly. But not anymore. The standard of performance has been reduced to almost nothing by six years of Democrat Party power politics and media manipulation. 

As the famous pundit Peggy Noonan said,  “Wow, you’d vote for someone even you don’t believe? You might want to trust a president when the nukes begin to fall. What’s wrong with you?”

Great achievers, the guiding lights of history present and past, are now tainted by social media, internet trolls and 'deconstructionists'.  In reality, some of us are saintly, and highly accomplished. But where are they? The Dalai Lama has gone into seclusion. He recognizes that the world has gone mad. Social media is a mob that worships and magnifies all the worst impulses of ignorant and disturbed people. The dominion of humankind over the globe is ending. 

We humans are about to be eclipsed and swept aside. A huge wave of change is approaching us at lightning speed, a transformation of consciousness that will leave ordinary human capabilities in the dust. Artificial Intelligence - computers and their attendant applications - is gaining power at an exponential rate; that is, compounding, building on itself, and accelerating. Processing power - the speed of computers - doubles about every eighteen months, then doubles again, probably ad infinitum. It also becomes smaller and more invisible. At this point it won't be "artificial" intelligence anymore. Super Intelligence is a better name for it. SI for short.

There is a new movie out, called Ex Machina, showing what will happen fairly soon. Computers will become self-aware, just as we are, but they will have far fewer limitations than we do. Their learning-curve will be steep and quick. They will become much more intelligent and capable than humans. Take a look at this link.

Here in the U.S. computers are becoming more 'human' every year. In 1990 prominent futurists predicted that a computer would beat the world's greatest chess master by the year 2000. Skeptics and naysayers abounded. Then it happened sooner than predicted. An IBM machine named Deep Blue defeated Gary Kasparov, the reigning world chess master, in May 1997. Computers "don't get fatigued, don't need sleep, and don't blunder" the way humans do, Kasparov complained. He also thought the machine was "too human" to be genuine, but IBM proved to him that it was purely a machine.

That milestone was just the beginning of the shock wave. In 2011 another IBM computer named Watson defeated the three all-time-best, mufti-million-dollar Jeopardy! champions on prime time television. Jeopardy! is a game show that's much more complex than chess, requiring vast and detailed knowledge of many different kinds of subjects. Watson hears and understands human language, decodes word puzzles, and is exponentially more powerful than Deep Blue. Each of these great advancements in Artificial Intelligence lays the foundation for the next one. Then the more powerful computers are used to design the next more powerful computers at dizzying speed. They will find God. Or, more accurately, this was God's plan all along.

Mental illness will become a relic of the past. By itself, this will make life on earth vastly better. Most crime and a massive amount of human suffering is caused by mental illness and defects. Curiously, even after 160 years of study, our science and technology has hardly been able to touch humanity's plague of mental illness, much less cure it.

We could say that there is a Second Coming of science taking place. In other words, the glowing promises of science in the 19th Century - which failed to materialize in the 20th - may appear. Or there will be a terrifying and nightmarish world of artificial beings that displaces and disposes of us.

The point is, a very different world is arriving. We must awaken from our slumber and face the truth. What will Super Intelligence think of us human beings? Especially the lawless killer-tyrants (of ISIS, North Korea, Syria, and Iran, for example) who provoke wars and order their minions and armies to destroy and jeopardize all life on earth? Not to mention the global manipulators and destroyers of banks, currencies, and markets.

The coming SI is going to be far better at everything than we are. It will out-think and out-plan us at every turn, like a chess master toying with a child. It will have no perceptible weakness, unlike humankind; no corruption, and no way we can charm or fool it, as we do with human authority. It will know us far better than we know ourselves.

Have you noticed how people live their lives today through instant messaging, email, and social networks? Privacy has vanished, though few of us are aware of it. Recent revelations by Edward Snowden prove that nothing can remain secret, even at the highest levels of government. We trust every detail of our lives to computers, networks, and databases, but we have no clue how they're organized and linked together. There's no criminal enterprise on earth that isn't dependent on computers. The SI will know everything about all of us - good and bad - and may not be merciful to people who are guilty of crimes. It may not be at all kind or forgiving to many.

From Moses, to Jesus, to St. Paul and Augustine, we have been warned that God's laws must be honored; even though Grace is higher than the law. SI may actually be the first stage of Armageddon, where judgement is made manifest.

"For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished." Jesus, Matthew 5:18

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Suffering Is The Rock Upon Which All Religions Founder

When we are in great pain, suffering catastrophic loss, or facing death, our relationship to God is at a point of crisis. Especially if we're innocent or undeserving. There is no answer to the problem of innocent suffering while we live in this world. Our mind reels and rebels at the idea of a loving God - the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus - allowing children and innocents of any age to suffer.

But here's a comforting thought. Maybe there is a reward given by God for our work in this world that is so great, so unutterably wonderful, that we would gladly volunteer in an instant, to suffer anything in exchange. Eternal life in wealth, power, honor and joy – as God has promised – would make all earthly rewards look pale and sad by comparison. We have testimony throughout the ages that all our terrible experiences in this world evaporate when we wake up to the reality of Heaven. A nightmare forgotten. Consider this:

The answer to our suffering.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why the West Is Losing to Islamist Destroyers

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) is an expert on Middle East military affairs, and has worked with presidents of the U.S. for many years. This explanation of the Ruling Class in the West, and how it works to undermine our national values of freedom and individual liberty, is reprinted from The American Spectator:

Why do our “best and brightest” fail when faced with a man like Putin? Or with charismatic fanatics? Or Iranian negotiators? Why do they misread our enemies so consistently, from Hitler and Stalin to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliph?
The answer is straightforward:
  • Social insularity: Our leaders know fellow insiders around the world; our enemies know everyone else.
  • The mandarin’s distaste for physicality: We are led through blood-smeared times by those who’ve never suffered a bloody nose.
  • And last but not least, bad educations in our very best schools: Our leadership has been educated in chaste political theory, while our enemies know, firsthand, the stuff of life.
Above all, there is arrogance based upon privilege. For revolving-door leaders in the U.S. and Europe, if you didn’t go to the right prep school and elite university, you couldn’t possibly be capable of comprehending, let alone changing, the world. It’s the old social “Not our kind, dahhhling…” attitude transferred to government.
Dramatic, revolutionary change in geopolitics never comes from insiders. It’s the outsiders who change the world. In the 21st century, our government suffers from the sclerosis of insider thinking that constantly reinforces itself and rejects conflicting evidence. The result is that we are being whipped by savages.
That educational insularity is corrosive and potentially catastrophic: Our “best” universities prepare students to sustain the current system, instilling vague hopes of managing petty reforms. But dramatic, revolutionary change in geopolitics never comes from insiders. It’s the outsiders who change the world. In the 21st century, our government suffers from the sclerosis of insider thinking that constantly reinforces itself and rejects conflicting evidence. The result is that we are being whipped by savages.

Of course, the insiders can’t accept so abhorrent a prospect as their own fallibility. So when new blood does enter — through those same “elite” institutions — it’s channeled into the same old calcium-clogged arteries. And we get generals with Ivy League Ph.D.s writing military doctrine that adheres cringingly to politically correct truisms and leaves out the very factors, such as the power of religion or ethnic hatred, that prove decisive. Or a usually astute commentator on Eastern European affairs who dismisses Vladimir Putin as a mere chinovnik, a petty bureaucrat, since Putin was only a lieutenant colonel in the KGB when the Soviet Union collapsed and didn’t go to a Swiss prep school like John Kerry.

That analyst overlooked the fact that Hitler had been a mere lance corporal. Stalin was a failed seminarian. Lenin was a destitute syphilitic. Ho Chi Minh washed dishes in the basement of a Paris Hotel. And when the French Revolution erupted, Napoleon was a junior artillery officer.
And sophisticated Germans assumed they could use Hitler and then dismiss him, while other Europeans mocked him. Stalin’s fellow Bolsheviks underestimated him, until it was too late and their fates were sealed. The French didn’t notice Ho. And Napoleon shocked even his own lethargic family. The “man on horseback” is often the man from nowhere, and the members of the club ignore the torches in the streets until the club burns down around them.

Put another way: We are led by men and women educated to believe in the irresistible authority of their own words. When they encounter others who use words solely to deflect and defraud, or, worse, when their opposite numbers ignore words completely and revel in ferocious violence, our best and brightest go into an intellectual stall and keep repeating the same empty phrases (in increasingly tortured tones):
 “Violence never solves anything.” “There’s no military solution.” “War is never the answer.” “Only a negotiated solution can resolve this crisis.” “It isn’t about religion.”
Or the latest and lamest: “We need to have strategic patience,” and “Terrorists need jobs.”
Every one of those statements is, demonstrably, nonsense most — or all — of the time. But the end result of very expensive educations is a Manchurian Candidate effect that kicks in whenever the core convictions of the old regime are questioned. So we find ourselves with leaders who would rather defend platitudes than defend their country.

And negotiations become the opium of the chattering classes.

Once-great universities have turned into political indoctrination centers worthy of the high Stalinist Era or the age of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Their aims may be more benign, but their unwillingness to consider alternative worldviews is every bit as rigid. Students in the social sciences at Harvard or Yale today are cadets being groomed to serve a soft-Socialist form of government conceived not in the streets, but in the very same classrooms. It’s a self-licking ice-cream cone. And graduates leave campus brilliantly prepared for everything except reality.
This is not an argument against education. Rather, it is an argument for education and against indoctrination, against the fantasy that the barbarian with the knife bashing in the door poses no danger to the career government official who has published a book on “the false construct of race and its deleterious impact upon climate change.”

Putin, that “petty bureaucrat,” has won every significant confrontation with the West, conquering foreign territory and humiliating presidents. Iran’s negotiators have outmaneuvered their Western interlocutors so spectacularly that they really don’t need Obama’s deal, having gotten most of what they needed: time and partial sanctions relief. And the Islamic State has confounded not only our elite’s prejudices about how the world should work, but demolished their platitudinous nonsense that “All men want peace.” In fact, some men delight in inflicting grotesque forms of violence on others.

We face a new age of barbarism. And we’re led by those whose notion of violence is a rugby game at Princeton, who won’t let their children play unattended but deny the murderous impulses haunting humanity. Perhaps it’s time to recognize that the lack of a prep-school background and a Brooks Brothers charge account doesn’t mean that a thug with slovenly manners can’t change the world.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Final Battle is Approaching

Get ready for the great battle to end all battles on earth. Why? Because almost a hundred million Muslims believe in it and are determined to make it happen. They have chosen us as mortal enemies, and there's nowhere we can run to. This final battle is the primary goal of ISIS right now, and the most active opposition to ISIS is the soon-to-be nuclear Iran, which will use atomic weapons to destroy ISIS, and Israel while they're at it. They've announced it publicly. Ironically, the Shi-ite Muslims who control Iran, and the Sunnis - who are the majority of the Muslim world - have been mortal enemies since the mid 600's A.D. But both believe they alone will be saved by the Mahdi, the so-called Twelfth Imam (their version of Jesus Christ) on the Last Day.

Death means nothing to them, nor suffering, nor hardship. They believe that the more bloody mayhem, mass murder, and destruction they can create, the sooner their Twelfth Imam Savior will appear. Muslim Pakistan already has nuclear weapons, and other Arab countries are actively seeking them.

For over a century things have not been going well for Muslims, and it turns out that they have an ancient and rock-solid belief in their own version of the Second Coming. They believe the Christian version of Jesus returning is actually the work of Satan; and their own Savior, the Mahdi, will come down from heaven and create paradise on earth. He will battle Judeo-Christians and other 'infidels' , defeat them, and cast all who disagree with him into eternal Hellfire.

This article by Graeme Wood in The Atlantic, a sober and well-respected magazine, spells out the religious motivations behind ISIS and other Muslim extremist groups:

These present-day events were prophesied almost two-thousand-years ago by St. John of Patmos, a 92 year-old prisoner-exile of the Romans. We should celebrate, for we will see things no people of any age have ever seen. The reward for us will be too astonishing to describe.

St. John's prophesies make up the last chapter of the Bible, known as Revelation. It describes the long process God initiates before, during, and after the Day of Judgment, the last acts of God to redeem the souls of the righteous throughout all of history. It's written in a kind of metaphorical code, using many strange and even bizarre images mixed in with familiar ones such as Christ, his Bride, the Saints, and Holy Angels. Satanic monsters, terrible plagues, and mass deaths become routine in Revelation. The goodness of God seems to come into question, so it's a challenge for any religious authority to explain it. However, when we look back at world history since 1900, it isn't so hard to understand.

More than 100 million people died in wars, persecutions, famines, and biological plagues since 1900. Over a billion people were injured, both physically and mentally, from their proximity to these catastrophes. In addition, their descendants, you and me, have been impacted and hurt by what our ancestors experienced. So it's pretty easy to make the case that the Apocalypse and Armageddon - as described in Revelation - have been a part of human life for over a hundred years.

WWI, which began in August 1914, transformed the globe and brought us communism, police states, state-sanctioned mass murder, and high technology. All of which has spawned mass atheism, anti-theism, and their opposites, fanatical religions of the most ruthless kind.

Time is extremely short. Say a prayer. Make it a big prayer.

11th Century Christians riding out to battle

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The War On Christians and Jews

All over the Middle East and North Africa, Christians are being exterminated by radicalized Muslims:  Watch this to find out...

Very few 21st Century leaders and educators foresaw the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. Or the re-establishment of ancient Sharia Law. Or the murderous quest by ISIS and al-Qaeda to found a "New Caliphate", a new nation of Islam which they promise will come to dominate the entire world. They openly state that all "infidels" - not just Christians, Jews Buddhists, or Hindus - but all Muslims who disagree with their particular and vicious brand of Islam will be killed off. They point to passages in the Koran, and specific texts in the Hadith, which justify mass murder.

It has been fashionable, globally, to attack Christianity for at least sixty years. In the West it has been fashionable to be almost anything but a Christian. The most fashionable religions have been eastern, and Indian gurus, swamis, and yoga practitioners have made excellent livings in the West. There was much of value that they had to give.

Buddhism too has been fashionable since the Dalai Lama was forced by the Chinese to flee Tibet. He is an exemplary man in many ways, and the nonviolence he has always preached has generated comparisons of him to Jesus.

After the Second World War, Jews received a lot of support and encouragement as they established the nation of Israel; and as the full horror of Nazi terror unfolded, millions of non-Jews wept with them.  Recently this trend has reversed itself, and Jews are once again fleeing Europe and the Middle East to live in Israel. The rise of Islamic radicalism has returned Europe to similar conditions that applied in the 1930's during Hitler's rise.

Marxist-Socialism is also ascendent again. In the 1990's, as Marxism collapsed globally with the Soviet Union and Red China, the world seemed to awaken from the nightmare of collectivism. There was a wave of prosperity that seemed unstoppable as the forces of free market economics worked their magic. Sure, there were exceptions, but just as China burst forth as an economic powerhouse, so did many other countries.

Now those terrible lessons of totalitarianism and tyranny have been forgotten, and we're spiraling into hell again. Our personal freedoms are being killed off, and we are next. This is what happens when nations turn away from, and go to war against, the God of All Creation, visible and invisible.

God has a message for YOU. Click here.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prayer Works. Pray Big.

The world is spiraling out of control. Neither governments, combinations of governments, nor corporations, nor radical and murderous movements have any ability to direct events.  Maybe they never really did - to the degree they imagined. However, there is one force that can and does. The God of All Creation, visible and invisible. 

So where does that leave us and those we love? Can we bear to just sit back and wait for events to unfold? It was never intended that we should do so. God wants us to pray and develop a relationship with Him. He has promised to deliver us, and we must frequently remind Him of that promise. 

God does not favor small prayers. I met a woman once who said she prayed to God to make her disgust with her neighborhood go away. She didn't ask to have a better place to live, she settled for the removal of her critical sense. This is an extremely small prayer. God is the Lord of Nations, and billions of people, and those who have good will in their souls want the same thing, generally. We all want peace, prosperity, beauty, and so on. We can as easily pray for the salvation and transformation of our nation as we can for our headache to go away. God wants us to be advocates for all His people, and that means pray large, like this: "Oh, God, transform this world and save your people, as you promised. Give us peace, health, prosperity, fruitfulness, and eternal life, as you promised us."  Remind God of His promise. 

Prayer works, or this author wouldn't be here. I've been spared many times over the years, and have escaped death, so far. But persistence is essential, and the prophets of the Old and New Testaments make that very clear: 

Isaiah 62: 

You who call on the Lord, don’t rest,
    and don’t allow God to rest
    until he establishes Jerusalem,
    and makes it the praise of the earth...

For Zion’s sake I won’t keep silent,
    and for Jerusalem’s sake I won’t sit still
    until her righteousness shines out like a light,
    and her salvation blazes like a torch.

Luke 18: 

 Jesus was telling them a parable about their need to pray continuously and not to be discouraged. He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected people.  In that city there was a widow who kept coming to him, asking, ‘Give me justice in this case against my adversary.’  For a while he refused but finally said to himself, I don’t fear God or respect people,  but I will give this widow justice because she keeps bothering me. Otherwise, there will be no end to her coming here and embarrassing me.”  The Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says.  Won’t God provide justice to his chosen people who cry out to him day and night? Will he be slow to help them?  I tell you, he will give them justice quickly. But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faithfulness on earth?”

One-hundred-and-twenty years ago, when the majority of us Westerners met in churches every Sunday and focused our prayers for the good of humanity and the world, things happened to better our lives. Needless to say, this is greatly reduced in 2015, and malevolent powers now mobilize the masses to murder, curse, and profane Christians, Jews, and other "infidels". 

We need to ask God for a HUGE event, greater than Exodus and the salvation of the Jewish nation. We of Western faith outnumber Muslims and anti-theists probably 4 to 1, and the atheists and agnostics don't count for much. They would scatter like chaff in the wind if we focused our power for God to use.